Nov 10

Dancer Felix: Great Friday

hello friends, today I want to tell you how fantastic it is this Friday. I met a boy today in the gym is doing exercise, when I saw him sitting there looking every time he looked at him he smiled at me was something funny but at the same time intimidating .. I thought he was a very attractive guy a few minutes later he approached me and I talk to you, well we established conversation when he invited me to the gym showers and started kissing very provocatively after we undressed and started to touch each other when …

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Nov 03

Andrew Boots: Favorite Fetish

Hi Everyone! Looking to find out your favorite fetish! I’ll share mine… It is Leather and Rubber play! I love keeping the gear on durring play. I think it is more sensual and nothing fells better than nipple play through rubber! Love to hear your thoughts and favorites as well! I’ll share more tomorrow about my favorite sub category in this area. Tune in tomorrow but until then Stay sexy and Rubbery friends!

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Oct 27

Oliver Rolland: She...

She, calm and ardent, came up to the window. Nothing covered his opulent body. The light coming through the huge windows bathed his tanned skin. He had no shame in showing his body to anyone who would walk down the street at his feet. More than one man stopped to look at her. More than one woman too. Others, scandalized, covered their Gentlemen eyes with the palm of their hand.Gigi, standing in front of the window watched the reactions and smiled with lust. In less than two minutes he had a gentleman’s tail of indefinite civil standing at his door, clamoring for attention in a certain part of his body. But she refused to open the door of her house. Oliver came up from behind and hugged her. I would like to have some adventure with you serious Ecxitante

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